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Licenses and permissions

In order to execution certain types of activity, the legislation of the Republic Kazakhstan requires licenses or permits. In other cases, it is necessary to send a notification to the relevant authorities in order to carry out a particular type of activity. It is essential to comply with the requirements concerning authorization documents to carry out activities under the law and prevent legal implications.

Legislation establishes various requirements that business entities must meet to operate legally.

Obtaining the license in architecture and construction area;

Redbrick provides legal services to private business and others in implementing the series of actions related to licensing and different permitting activities in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


Moreover, our Lawyers give advices and recommendations in issuance of licenses and permits area on the basis of actual practice in the field.

Redbrick Lawyers provide services in the issuance of licenses and permits qualitatively and shortest time. Our legal assistance include the following services:

obtaining the permitting documents in the industry field;

obtaining the license in underground mining area;

obtaining the license in oil and gas area;

assistance in obtaining permitting documents (including obtaining a work permit for foreigners, obtaining the permit from sanitary and epidemiological service and other permitting documents);

counselling, collecting documents, and their future application in relevant government authorities.

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